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Work & Play

Got to work early so I could leave early, finished the testing assigned to me, did some ad hoc tests just out of curiosity. Then we had an all-hands meeting for everyone involved in streaming, some of which was very interesting, some dead boring programmer stuff. I really didn't need to hear the nice lady from Legal vaguely describe open source licenses.  One of the presenters was someone I'd been asked by one of my Peace Corps alumni friends to look up, turns out he was the person I needed to buttonhole to get one of the test apps to work on my server. Which he did. Nice guy, turns out he was roommates with my friend's Thai husband pre-wedding.

Lunctime found the nearby PO and mailed a CD for scendan and a poster for a friend in Ashland. Ate at a Chinese place across from work. Crowded & noisy but good service and food.

Was going to drive straight to Consonance, but with traffic I would get there just in time for dinner break, so went home instead, disappointed that two CDs which I'd been planning to donate to Interfilk did not show up. In fact for the second time this week there was nothing in the mailbox. Very strange.

Got email on a rarely used account from an idiot at the previous contract agency asking be to fill out a leave of absence form for January 18. Check your calendar, bozo, that was MLK Day, a holiday at Cisco. Doesn't merit a reply. I am so happy I am not working for them anymore.

Drove to Consonance after 7, got there 7:35-ish. Followed the signs to the con suite, expecting registration might be nearby, until johno's Chris pointed me in the opposite direction. No line at reg, my badge was waiting for me, and then found a seat in the front row for the two concerts. Took lots of photos of Mary Crowell, who is way hot, and Judy Miller signing for her. Which I stupidly erased from the camera when I got home. I also nuked Judy singing and playing guitar. But I did manage to copy instead of delete pix of the second half of her concert, in which she had a cavalcade of famous filkers sing tunes of her choice while she signed them. figmo, Leslie Fish, Vixy & Tony, Vixy & Tony & cadhla, hsifyppah & Vixy, Kristoph & Margaret, Alexander Adams, and two people whose names I did not catch. The latter I switched to video for because Judy's bit needed motion to be appreciated, and it needed the words and music too.

Bailed after the concerts, will return tomorrow afternoon with auction items. Will stay for hsifyppah's concert then scoot back to Mountain View for a birthday party, then back to Consonance for more concerts.
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