Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Amazing but true, everything I need to take with me for the weekend trip fit into my attache case. Cheating a little by not bringing my camera, and will keep the book I'm reading in my back pocket. Or my jacket pocket.

Was not planning to be online from home but after making a pass-by of the three nearest oil change places it was clear I'd be in line long enough to miss my flight, so I bailed and came home. Will try again Tuesday morning before work. Got all my other chores done - the ones I wanted to do and/or would be in beeg tubble if I didn't.

On another journal, a commenter with a heart-on for Al Gore is trying to bait me into an extended debate. I don't do that on other people's journals, it isn't polite to use X's journal to debate with Y for more than one quick shot on-topic. But it makes me ROFL to see someone whom I consider the worst kind of opportunist politician being held as a hero who can do no wrong, and have a fanbase willing to write to the death in his defense. Just for the record, Al Gore didn't get to Congress until the ARPANET had been active for 5 years. He took ONE course in college about energy conservation. He dropped out of law school to run for Congress (he has a BA in English). OTOH I have seen him speak several times, and I think he is an excellent public speaker. His stuffed shirt reputation I think comes from clips of him at Congressional hearings, where he is always very sober-looking. And I think he's not very good at explaining technology at a lay person's level, probably because he doesn't understand it at any depth.

Point is, public figures usually have their good points and their bad points, none are above criticism, few deserve to be tarred an feathered.

And away we go...

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