Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Is it morning yet?

Okay, maybe I had a whole day of daylight savings time to get acclimated, but the 6 am wakeup call still jolted me as if it was the crack of OMG. 7.2 on the scale. Up and out by 6:30, decided to forgo the free breakfast at the hotel because it would probably hit me during the flight. So I'm sitting in Starbucks, at a seat overlooking the boarding area, my gate is way at the end of the building but since I'm B19 for this flight I don't have to move till A starts boarding. I'll probably get stuck with a middle seat again, but at least there may be room overhead for my attache case & coat. The flight from SJC was so full, and I was the 4th from last onto the plane, so the case went under the seat and the coat stayed on my lap. Not at all comfortable. At least that flight the guy in the window seat was skinny and the woman in the aisle seat was about average. And the seat was toward the front so I had a good view out the window without the wing blocking everything.

Still, I think I will write my congressperson and tell her what we need is a mindset shift, the airlines should be required to make the planes comfortable again - 4-across seating instead of 6, and seats wide enough to accommodate your average American football player.

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