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Another boring day in paradyce

Good news is I didn't need the cane today, I just had to concentrate on posture and take it slow.

AG called early, I was able to put on the headphones and make lunch and take my meds, and then transfer the call to the car's BT.

He reached work well before I did, so I was off the call somewhere toward the middle of my commute. The usual slog to the break room was interrupted by about 50 middle schoolers blocking the door I usually use, so I went around to the front and had to dodge them to get to the restroom.

Grabbed the usual breakfast, but an orange Zero water instead of just a Coke.

The hole was locked, as usual, my key still works.

No real work to do so I put the reference machine onto the test network and ran all the automated tests, then all the not-passed ones, then all the failed ones. Went from 25+ not passed to 6 fails by EOD

Scheduled call from Psych dept., had a good thorough chat, she set me up to make an appointment with a wellness coach.

Lunch was Saffron Road curried salmon, & mango pudding.

Made the wellness coach appointment online for tomorrow morning. I chose the person who had the most convenient time slot who was not obviously married to another coach. Turns out she wrote a book, and Amazon let me read the first couple of chapters. Her advice in the book is exactly what I have already done throughout my life. She calls it Four Quadrant Living. As if there can be more or fewer than 4 quadrants. Marketing dweeb, not a scientist. It's going to be an interesting conversation.

Nails, which are now blue over silver. Very striking. Shopping at Safeway, got fruit and frozen lunches. The lines were short but they were seriously understaffed.

Home, caught up Quicken on the PC, but it's still sideways so I'm on the laptop now.

Dinner was another turkey leg, smothered in bell peppers, onions and garlic. Kona coffee mochis for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
wellness phone session
Set an early alarm because inspector changed from Sunday at 10 to Saturday at 8.

It's a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird

Better today than yesterday than the day before. Spent most of the morning not needing the cane. But using the cane made me stoop, so my back hurts, and I have to remind myself "posture!" from time to time, especially when I start walking.

Tossed Theo out of the bedroom and shut the door. He had become incorrigible. Missed his purr and his presence, but not his claws. Used my big calico cat bolster for the first time in ages.

Up with the alarm, but went straight to the kitchen, Hgl 71, Klondiked myself and watched Good Morning Football for 20 minutes. Then did my usual morning routine minus the shower because no time.

Work, traffic was so-so. AG called but my phone never rang. Called him back after grabbing breakfast and heard about his whirlwind Florida vacation.

Nothing to do officially, but Boss had given me something to pass the time productively, install the latest release on a locally made reference device and run some Netflix tests as a comparison with a Chinese TV which was just plain ugly running them. But that only took till lunch (PNB&J, mango pudding, coconut water). Much eye candy at lunchtime, big marketing training session down the hall.

Back at the hole, decided to "test" Netflix by finally watching To Kill A Mockingbird. After a few minutes it was clear I had never seen it, not even trailers. I knew roughly what it was about, but only roughly. The ending was a total surprise, including how much of it there was after the trial. There was some find child acting, including one particular black kid who only had 2 minutes of screen time, uncredited but looks like it was a young David Crawford, who went on to a role in Day of the Dead. Robert Duvall was amazing, apparently his film debut. And Estelle Evans as the cook/maid. Mary Badham was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Scout, I think Phillip Alford as Jem deserved a nom more.

Anyhow, very impressed, but all in all it was kind of boring and not at all up to the quality of the bad guys in Inherit The Wind.

Called for a nail appointment, but had to settle for tomorrow. :-(

Home, no shopping.

PTI, 11 o'clock news from last night.

Spook has been camped out on the counter in the laundry room, Theo, who needs a better name, is on the top back of the recliner again. I changed out the laundry room litterbox, but did not pack up the one in the guest room. Maybe tomorrow.

Contract rep Eddie finally texted me, he quit Modis because they stopped letting him meet his clients. So he is with another company, and we'll have lunch a week from Friday. So I no longer have a rep.

Delivered was a 6-pack of Scharffen-Berger 82% chocolate bars.

It started raining an hour ago, sounded like a train passing through. The roses will be happy.

The yellow rose bush has a dozen buds but no flowers yet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call from Kaiser shrink

Overdid it

Incrementally better today. Spent too much energy trying to get Theo from jumping up on me with claws out, and then when he was lying beside me, swatting at my back with claws out. Spook watched a lot of this from the fleece blanket under the bedding rack. And there were at least two cat fights.

But eventually they both back off and manage to co-exist.

I was able to shuffle to the bathroom, pee, weigh myself (I set up the latest scale - a Nokia wi-fi. The phone app couldn't find it but the same app on the tablet did, and after that the phone app magically synced.) shower and put my teeth in all without using the cane, but it was slow and a struggle.

The new scale only measures weight, but then it goes online and calculates BMI (I told it my height during setup) and then shows me the weather for Sunnyvale for today. Cute. 

Getting dressed was also slow and mostly performed sitting down. Last night I managed to hang up all the shirts and roll each pair of sox. Lots of sitting down in between, and Theo snuck into the closet.

I knew I wouldn't have much time for lunch with Boss sync at 12:30 and Pacemaker class at 2, so I made a pair of PNB&J sandwiches, and threw in a bag of walnuts, and a croissant & cheese slices.

Traffic was okay after the on-ramp backup, I got to the break room at about 9. There were bananas & hb eggs, and a Kind bar, but no gold or red diet coke, so I got a pair of diet cherry cokes.

Nothing to do again, watched the rest of the Making of Star Wars original trilogy video on YouTube, and then ordered the blu-ray DVD set. I don't think I saw the first one in a cinema ever, and am not sure about the 3rd one. Maybe the 2nd.

Boss was late, of course, so no time for lunch, had to drive straight to Kaiser for the class.

It was educational, three victims, three different brands of pacemaker, but all installed at the same facility by the same surgeon. WTF?

2-hour class, well timed, questions happily answered during.

On the way home, ate one sandwich at stop lights (the  ones on the expressway are LONG). Stopped off at the small Chinese supermarket, got a lot of my Asian staples. Small tubs of yellow and green curry pastes, Ha Gow, shrimp won tons, and both Philippine and Chinese pork buns. As usual there was nothing in the produce area I wanted, need to go to 99 Ranch market for that.

I did the whole store, leaning heavily on the cart. Could have used a place to sit down, but somehow made it.

Home, it took 3 trips to get the lunch box & 2 bags of groceries into the house, and then i collapsed into the recliner for half an hour watching last night's news, ate a mango mochi , before I had the energy to put things away.

Nothing delivered, all the mail was junk. Yesterday there was a survey from Kaiser about my March visit, and in another envelope a check for $10 for the bogus billing.

Also ordered during work was litter cartridges. I need to change out the laundry room one, and wrap up the guest room one and put that unit back in the shed.

Dinner was the Philppine pork buns which sucked so bad 1.25 of them fed the disposal, good thing I also steamed some ha gow. Two more mango mochis for dessert.

Theo spent some time on the arm of the recliner, and then found what had been Domino's favorite perch

Watched PTI and the latest Strange Rock. Production values on the latter are superb. It's a pleasure watching.

Theo made a huge mess of the two kibble towers. I had to pour the remnants from the smaller one into the larger one, sweep up a small bucket load from the floor back into the larger one, then refill the larger one from the huge bag, spilling a lot, needed the big broom to gather that spill. The smaller one is now retired. Also refilled the water fountain reservoir.

Not enough energy to swiffer the kitchen floor, which needs it badly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe get nails done
Maybe a quick Safeway visit for lunch meals


Was able to navigate the bathroom, take a much needed shower and get dressed (slowly).

Took meds, packed a lunch, made it down the carport steps, unplugged the car and drove to work. Traffic was almost speed limit all the way.

Break room was a long, slow slog, but there were bananas, eggs, mandarins, gold diet cokes and kind bars. And French dark chocolate cookies.

To the hole, I'm the first one there.

Nothing to do all day, the test machine I bricked on Friday never got fixed. Something was wrong with the build download, not my fault. Watched a lot of antenna TV and YouTube.

Lunch was broccoli beef and two of the alleged chocolate pudding cups from the fridge.

Back to the hole, helped by one of the Chinese engineers, who took pity on the old man with a cane.

Messaged Boss that I had a 2 pm class tomorrow at Kaiser, so I won't be at our afternoon sync. She rescheduled it for 12:30.

5:30, home. Back roads because 101 was a mess.

Laptop again, caught up on email. 8TB drive copy had finished on Sunday but no time or energy to make the swap.

Theo has kept me company on the recliner when he isn't playing with a rubber band or fighting Spook.

Dinner was reheated turkey leg with bell peppers garlic & onion. And a piece of rye bread.

Earlier I refilled 6 sodastream bottles. 2 soda, 2 gold cola, 1 orange, 1 ginger ale.

Called middle sister, using the fancy BT headphones. She is visiting 1st week of May.

Hauled the shirts/sox from the dryer to the bed. May put them away tonight. Maybe.

The kitchen floor needs swiffering, the litterboxes need changing, but I have no strength.

Plans for tomorrow:
pacemaker class

Catching Up 2- Sunday

Feeling better little by little. No food in case they needed to do a "procedure" and they had a chemically induced heart stress test scheduled for 10:30.

Nurse Ping managed to get me some graham crackers & a box of apple juice. at 8:30 (heart test needed no food for 2 hours). She was amused that Ping means toasted in Thai, and when I said k'nome pong ping was "sweet bread toasted"she said pong is also bread in Mandarin. Learn something new...

I lied. Nurse Alma put me in a wheelchair and pushed me next door to have the heart exam-stress test -heart exam. Nurse Micah (male) rolled my gurney to the CT scan yesterday.

The heart machine is a huge contraption which rotates slowly around my body. IV radiation dye inserted first.

Stress test on a gurney in another room, by the heart scan tech plus the heart stress tech.  Heart stress tech said she was teaching the class I'm in Tuesday.

Back to the heart scan for two after-stress passes, one on my back and one on my tummy.

Micah wheeled me back to the ER room.

New doc (redhead) Holmes, eventually came in and said all my tests were ok, had me walk with Micah down the hall & back, which I was able to do holding the cane but not using it.

Having done that, she signed my release papers after I decided I'd rather go home than wait for food.

Wheeled to the ER waiting room, the admin called a taxi. After 15 minutes I walked out to the pickup area. After 30 minutes I hobbled back inside, she called again. Back outside, 10 minutes later cab arrived, a real taxi this time, with all the right electronics & papers.

Home, he misunderstood and dropped me at the front steps, I wanted the carport (easier climb). Fell twice on the way to the door.

Delivered were two windshield wiper blades, in separate different-sized boxes. WTF? Ordered the same time.

It's about 5 pm.

Still using the cane, poured chicken stock & water into a pan, added won tons & small pieces of breaded chicken & egg whites.

Feeling exhausted, went to bed at 8.

Woke up at 9, thinking it was 9 am Monday and I was late for work.

Theo was a PIA all night. He kept jumping on top of me, and when I set him to the side and turned my back, he swatted with claws out a mole on my back. Had to throw him off the bed. But he was back in a few seconds.

Plans for Monday:
If I can walk, go to work
If not, call in old
Friday I wasn't feeling up to going out, and then the art show director ended up in the hospital, so I followed plan A and stayed home.

Saturday morning when I went to the bathroom, my knees gave out from under me and I had to crawl over to the bathtub and leverage myself up. Stumbled to the corner of the bedroom and took out my folding cane, which I had not needed for years (since my last torn meniscus).

My BP was low, so was my pulse. I took it easy all morning, skipped the shower and getting dressed. When things didn't improve in the afternoon I called a taxi* and checked into the ER.

*Not a real taxi - it was a Prius late model, the driver was constantly on his phone - holding it in his hand, ignoring the fact that the car has BT and GPS (the display was off). Speaking in a language which sounded African. There was a taxi seal on the bottom of the steering column, but no driver ID. I'll have to send a nastygram to BBB.

It was a long wait, standing in line, hard to stay upright. You would think they would have a bench or something.

Finally a second nurse took me out of line and checked me in. Same guy who checked me in last time.

Sent to an exam room, vitals taken, EKG, all the usual questions.

Moved to an ER observation room, same as a hospital room except no toilet. And I'm on a gurney.

eventually a finance dweeb rolled in his laptop and told me my co-pay was $80, wanted me to pay it right then, just like last time. I told him to bill me, like last time. Last time I was never billed**.

Portable chest x-ray, and then rolled to the next building for the mother of all CT scans. Head and then full body.

So far all my nurses are male, but the one taking me to CT is a woman named Alma. I told her there was a song about her, and gave her enough Tom Lehrer info to find it. She was jazzed to find that out.

Unlike last time, the longer I was there, the prettier the nurses and doctors became. Karma?

The heart rate monitor showed low and irregular pulse. They tried to find a Boston Scientific pacemaker interrogator, and found one after a while but couldn't figure out how to work it. They phoned Boston Scientific, which sent a rep with the right machine in about 90 minutes.

He was stumped.

After talking to my ER doc, who called a cardiologist,Boston rep upped the low pulse threshold from 50 bps to 60.

Doc was going on the theory that the walking problem was due to oxygen starvation, and upping my pulse rate should fix that.

They kept me overnight. But first, the Medicare financial woman rolled in her laptop, explained:
**there was no co-pay for the ER,
I had been admitted to the hospital, but since I was still in the ER it was free
If they moved me to the hospital,it would cost $285/day up to 7 days.
Since I have been admitted to the hospital, they will replace the gurney with a hospital bed.

1:30 am, two orderlies wheeled in a hospital bed, and wheeled out the gurney. It was a challenge transferring.

Boring end to the week

Kept waking up for no reason. Sometime in the night Theo turned the tables on Spook and became the aggressor. There was some cat fight noise.

All the media hype about an incoming "atmospheric river" was a crock as far as my neck of the woods was concerned. Once again the idiots invent a phrase for all the other idiots instead of using established jargon. It's a storm. There's no river. Very light drizzle was gone by commute time. The roses got some moisture.

Work started out slowly, #1 China manager had to send a lot of clues for me to find the build he wanted installed. Finally got it, installed it and it bricked the machine. The guys next door took it to fix it, but I never got it back. So a very boring day.

Made up a new OKCupid account. Set up a new email account for it. May do the same for POF.

Home, took 101, turned out to be fast - got home in 15 minutes. Some of that was spring break.

The cats had co-existed on webcam,

but when i got home Theo was running up and down like a one-cat stampede and Spook was under the futon.

During the day, Kaiser sent the hospital bill. $855. Paid by credit card.

Lunch was BBQ beef steamer & walnuts with honey.

Dinner was fried chicken & mixed veggies & Popsicles.

Watched the news, checked the 8TB drive copy - It's making progress, is now in the Photos directory, slurping up pix from 2010. Maybe it will be done Sunday. Probably not tomorrow.

Was feeling sluggish, did not consider going to the con. Just as I started writing this my chest felt a lot of pressure, BP was way high but pulse was 70. Laid down, then did some major recycling in the john. Theo kept me company.

The crisis seems to be over, but I think the pacemaker may be tweaking too much. I think this weekend I'll just take it easy & stay home.

Watched a lot of NFL network, mock drafts and related stuff. And some gold prospecting on one channel and search for mysteries on the travel channel. 11 years old, made for Syfy originally.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take the laundry out of the dryer, maybe put it away. Maybe iron the Hawaiian shirts. Maybe stay in bed.
Check on the HDD copy


Laptop Day 2

Weird night. Woke up three times before 1 am, then was surprised by the 7:30 alarm. Spook was on the bed to help. I have no idea where Theo was.

Out at about the right time, traffic was very stop and go even in the commuter lane.

Still I was in the break room before they stocked it. Google emailed us all that with the new snacks would come more frequent stocking, but they lied. And my garbage hasn't been collected in 2 weeks, the woman who had been doing that for the past year is nowhere to be seen. Maybe they changed vendors.

Worked on the box from yesterday, FAIL right off the bat - instead of the screen saver the unit had shut itself off, even though it was set to never sleep.

Lunch was beef teriyaki steamer & brownie bits. And a lot of noise from that pair of women who sometimes appear, one has a baby on a chest sling and the other is just a loud converser. Made it hard to concentrate on my book.

Back in the hole, finished up the smoke test & waited for boss, but she didn't show. Odd since she had been sending me assignments all day.

I'm out of things to test until China manager #1 gets me on the list for the next Android version on the James Bond machine. We are on O, this will be P. No code name yet, but it will be food. O is Oreo.

Watched a lot of YouTube, it's clear they have been filtering videos from vloggers about the shooting. I only found 2.

Home, traffic was okay. But the car had set itself on petrol mode so it still had 90% battery left. Did not take long to top up. with gas at $3.30/gal, I'm not thrilled. The rose bush with the variegated red & white flowers is blooming all over, and very aromatic. Catmints are thriving too.

The woman in charge of the Contact-conference art show is in the hospital again, she had a CT scan this morning. So probably not going to bring photos for the art show because there may not be one. I may go tomorrow evening to see. I was planning on staying home.

The 8TB drive was done formatting, I started to xcopy files from the RAID array, but forgot the /S flag the first time so it only copied the top directory. Now it's doing the whole thing. AVI files are taking a long time. But I knew they would. I tried to clone the drive, but the software I have won't clone an array. It also would not let me restore from the backup, but that's okay because the last backup was Sunday.

I put the cover back on the PC, but since Theo likes to climb on things I opened the window a crack and closed the doors again.

Webcam from work showed Spook in the bedroom doggie bed, she usually camps out in the one in the office. She had been avoiding the bedroom one for months, I don't know why. Good to see her back. Theo was mostly in the piano room tree house.

Watched episode 2 of Strange Rock, and 80% of it was in episode 1. Watched episode 3, which was mostly new. More on Monday night.

Theo was tearing around the house, being hissed at by Spook for much of the evening. All is quiet now.

Dinner was a lamb steak and green peas, brownie crumbs on frozen strawberries for dessert.

In the mail was a bottle of furosimide, which I ran out of 2 days ago.

BP and pulse have been erratic. At work bp was high and pulse was 50. At home the opposite, pulse 90. I've been feeling heavy & uncoordinated all day.

Plans for tomorrow:
work - hope the new build is accessible
maybe go to the con, it's in a Sunnyvale hotel.


Laptop Dance ..or When's Day?

Writing this on my laptop in the livingroom, the doors to the office are closed (a rare happening) because the cover is off the big PC and it will be cranking away all night formatting the new 8TB drive.The cover is off because I made a mistake - I thought there was another SATA connection to hook the new drive into, but the 4 RAID drives and the one SSD have taken them all. And the cover is a PIA to put back. The 8TB drive is in a Star-tech device originally meant as a drive copier, but it can also connect to a USB 3 outlet on the back of the PC, and it has a power supply to feed power to the drive(s). A standard USB-SATA connector would not let me initialize the drive, the copier did.

The plan is to copy RAID array E: to the new drive, it consists of 4 2TB drives, but only has about 4TB of content.Then the one new drive will replace the 4 smaller ones. Each small drive draws about as much power as the one big one.

Last night sleep was fleeting. Theo hung out on the bed most of the night, but there was a major but brief Spook attack at about 7. They have both been more frenetic today. But Webcams showed Spook mostly stayed in the office doggie bed and Theo in the piano room cat tree house.

Work was busy, in between two smoke tests in French STBs Boss wanted a bug chased on two others.

Lunch was turkey meatball pasta bowl and brownies.

Really bad traffic home, weather turned cold, grey and windy.

Spook was in the carport window.

Dinner was a pair of chicken liver paté on rye bread sandwiches. Dessert is still to come.

Watched the news and am appalled that once again a cop had a chance to stop a shooter before she acted, and not only did not, but made lame excuses about it. And it was a terror attack by a Muslim immigrant, not a domestic dispute. But the "news" sources are not saying that out loud.

Also watched the Penn & Teller April Fools show, a montage of other shows. Graham Norton has also been doing these.

Retired the guest room cat food & water, left the litterbox for now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe start copying the drive, it should be formatted by then

Early and Late

Slept okay, but some time in the night Spook chased Theo under the bed, so I woke up purr-less.

Up before the alarm, medicated and lunch packed by 8:20, at work 8:45 after grabbing stuff from the break room. I was playing YouTube videos when the shooting occurred. But didn't find out for an hour because Boss came in at 12:30 and gave me two new boxes to test, and gathered up a pile of already tested ones.

Went to lunch at 1, came back to the news.

Boss is Android TV's liaison with YouTube, she worked there for many years, she may know some of the people affected. But she was at the dentist, so I won't find out till tomorrow.

Got halfway done with the first box, will probably finish it tomorrow. Left it doing the overnight screen saver test. So far it has been behaving itself, though it is kind of slow.

Lunch was fire grilled beef bowl from Good Food Made Simple. A little too Mexican for me, but not bad. Brownie for dessert.

Left at 6 because I misread the time when I started the 30-minute screen saver test.

Traffic was heavy, even on back roads. 25 minutes to home. Webcams showed Theo in the piano room cat tree house and Spook in the office doggie bed, but they both came out when I got in.

Delivered was lantus in cold packs, and a new pair of Birkenstocks, which are much tighter than the ones of the same style & size they replaced. Good call, the worn out sandals were not helping my balance.

Went through my portfolio and found the NASA shuttle piggyback photos, and one other large print - a Thai dragon head. Printed "photo by" stickers which will go on soon. The show is Fri-Sun.

Tivo, watched the news, which spent 45 minutes not telling us anything new about the YT shooting. Also watched an excellent NatGeo program called One Strange Rock narrated by Will Smith and Chris Hadfield, featuring several astronauts talking about ecology. Superb production values and stunning revelations about how everything is connected. Blame the diatoms.

Meanwhile, the cats have a strange almost truce going. Spook is still protecting her territory, and Theo is wary, but they manage to be in the same room most of the time.

Looking for a Thai name for Theo, discovered that the word for leopard translates as star tiger. เสือดาว süe dow. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

Dinner was curried wings and mixed veggies, frozen strawberries a la walnuts drizzled with chocolate syrup for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
HDD and CPU fan may be delivered.

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